• Shadow House and Other Strange Tales

    October 16, 2019 by

    Shadow House, the first short story opens the collection and it is about a group of four female friends going on a beach house vacation. While en route one of them tells the tale of a break-in, of another four female friends just like them who torture an old man and perform some kind of… Read more

  • Shallow Waters Vol.3: A Flash Fiction Anthology

    October 15, 2019 by

    by Richard Thomas  (Author), Mark Allan Gunnells (Author), Jonathan Winn  (Author), Monique Snyman  (Author), Lee Murray (Author), Jennifer Loring (Author), Dan Rabarts (Author), Joshua Hair (Author), Dani Brown  (Author), Theresa Derwin (Author), Madeline Mora-Summonte  (Author), Jo-Anne Russell (Author), Rob Smales (Author), Red Lagoe (Author), Megan Hart (Author), Dale Elster  (Author), Pete Mesling  (Author), Stephen Crowley (Author), Mark Cassell  (Author), Patrick McDonough (Author), Tim Meyer  (Author), Jay Faulkner (Author), Roberta Codemo (Author), Joe Mynhardt (Editor) This is my first Shallow Waters volume and with these stories all being picked by votes this seems to have gotten around the usual hit and miss I typically… Read more

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Review Requests

I do offer honest reviews in exchange for free copies of books. I prefer horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. I accept other genres but I can’t promise I will be able to give them a fair look, so send those at your own risk.

I am currently open for requests to review books. You can see all my other finished requests here: https://zraitor.wordpress.com/category/books/review-requests/

About The Reviews

My reviews are just my honest opinion, and although I tend to be blunt at times I’m not out to actually hurt anyone with my words so I apologize if anyone is. Looking back at my early reviews I was a bit too tough on the ratings, but I feel I’ve loosened up a little. I may still get carried away once in a while, of course.

All the people named in the things I review are copy/pasted right off the Amazon store page, so if someone involved isn’t listed at the top of a review it is only because they aren’t named on the Amazon page either.

Amazon reviews are my focus, so all links on the reviews on this blog will point to their store, with this blog acting as a hub.

I do my best to adhere to what the star system on Amazon is, as follows:

  • 1 Star: I hate it
  • 2 Stars: I don’t like it
  • 3 Stars: It’s OK
  • 4 Stars: I like it
  • 5 Stars: I love it

All my book reviews will be cross-posted on Amazon, Goodreads, and this blog.

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